We don’t like to “toot our own horn,” and luckily we don’t have to. Read what some of our patients and clients have to say about The Center for Integrated Medicine.

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According to Living Social (an online voucher service), our customer reviews indicate 100% gave us a thumbs up, with 85% as new customers, and 92% stating they would return to our office for additional treatment or medical concerns.

Written Testimonials

“I want to personally thank you because I have not had back pain in over a month. I do your exercises every day in the morning and at night, and it’s amazing how good I am feeling. Thank you!”

J. F. 

“Dino and Marie, I felt compelled to extend my congratulations on your evidence-based and patient-centered message. I am proud to address you as colleagues.”  – Dr. Norman Kettner, DC, DACBR, FICC (Radiologist)

“They were very informative during a trial acupuncture session and this was a great experience. I made another appointment as a result!”


“Great service and friendly knowledgeable business!!!!”


“Excellent service, great parking, and good location!”


“One year ago this week I was learning how to hop around the house on crutches after my Achilles repair. Simultaneously with this experience the dogs and granddaughters were imitating a moving obstacle course to help with my transitional learning experience from a biped to a triped.  After many, many one legged hopping maneuvers, butt scooting up and down stairs drills, and the eventual reintegration of my left foot as a link in the chain of  my leg I can unequivocally state that once again I am standing upon two feet. 

A most excellent source of news for this year is my successful reintegration into the biped class.  Once again I can claim the title of “runner”. And yes that is an age group medal I scored at the Hero Half Marathon and 10K at The
Indiana Dunes (First one ever). 
Thank You Drs. Mark McKeigue, John Grady, and Dino Pappas for getting me back on the trails. You are great Team.”


“Dr. Dino Pappas helped my TMJ issues from a head on collision after several mouthguards didn’t address the soft tissue injuries sustained. I’m very grateful for his help after years of pain with this disorder.”


“The best!!!! Any issues you have they can figure it out and help you!!!”


“Dr. Marie is great, very knowledgeable, and caring! The treatments helped me tremendously, and I’ll definitely be going back.”


“The doctor was thorough and knowledgeable, The acupuncture was great!! He is completely professional when he does the acupuncture.”


“Drs. Dino and Marie provide a very personalized experience for each of their patients. I had the opportunity to rehab and train with them over a several month period where Dr Dino guided me through post op walking, mobility, strength and agility training back to running and inline speed skating. If I had to do it again, the Drs. Pappas would be my first choice.”


“My personal training studio is actually located just a few doors down from the Center for Integrated Medicine. Drs. Dino and Marie Pappas are fantastic at what they do. They put the overall needs of the patient at the forefront of their treatment plans. They do not tell their patients that they need to come in for treatment 3x/week for the rest of their lives. Drs. Dino and Marie want to get you feeling back to normal as quickly as possible. It has truly been an asset to have CFIM located so close to my facility. Whenever any of my training clients talk about a nagging injury which they’ve been dealing with or have a family member who’s dealing with chronic pain, without hesitation I immediately recommend they give Drs. Dino and Marie a call. In some instances, I’ve walked clients down to CFIM myself! If I can trust them to take care of my own clients and their families and friends, you can entrust them with your own health and wellbeing! As Drs. Dino and Marie like to say, “Why put off feeling good?”


“I had injured my hip and first sought treatment with a couple different rehab providers(chiropractor, physical therapy), but as a rehab professional myself, I was disappointed in my results and the entire experience. My hip pain continued to persist for over a year! Then, I saw Dr. Dino Pappas last month.  After just one exercise my hip pain diminished! He not only addressed my hip pain, but looked at “the whole picture” to prevent further injury from a gait analysis to my breathing patterns and core strength. The care and service I received significantly exceeded my expectations and I would refer anyone to The Center for Integrated Medicine!”


“Amazing! Could not believe the time that Dr. Pappas took with my husband. He actually referred him to an ortho specialist that he personally spoke with regarding my husband. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!!”


“The doctor treated me with care and concern. They truly knew their business and how to help me.”


“Awesome! I got a lot of very caring intelligent attention. I don’t usually bother writing a review but these people went above and beyond!”


“Great people, they really listen to what is bothering you, and really help you out!! If you are a runner or athlete of any kind, you really should visit!!”


“I will write something here about CIM, LLC because of their understanding of science and good method is what helps runners find the path back to running.”

“I have been at a few seminars and listened closely to what Doc Pappas says and from my RRCA marathon coach background I can recognize oh-so many commonalities in terms of symptoms, diagnosis and approaches to treatment of particular injuries that convinced me long ago that CIM had the composite picture and approach to Dx and Rx treatment for runners that have incurred injuries or “issues” (as I like to call them) that compromise training or run performance.

And no matter who I encounter in running world that when they confronted with issues that compromise their ability to run I give them the contact info and say go see Dr. Dino! Of course that includes all of his associates including Dr. Marie.  Dr. Dino and CIM is the place to start if you are a runner and incurring injury or issues that are affecting your ability to run at maximum performance.

I have been to many clinicians over the years. I know a few others that have awesome abilities to treat runner-related injuries, but I cannot over-emphasize how much CIM can help you rebuild yourself to your best capacity to run. They (CIM) have the background and knowledge to recognize what the issue is that compromises your ability to run and that is the ultimate key in recovery and rebuilding, understanding the specific root causes of what is causing the pain or decline in your performance ability. Dino will figure it out and whenever I next encounter a problem he and associates is where I go!

There are no simple answers to correcting issues that arise with runners. But having the base knowledge and understanding and experience to recognize what is occurring in the patient is the absolute key to prescribing therapy to alleviate or correct it. CIM knows the process and method to to it! Enough said.”


“I have to give a big THANK YOU shout out to Dr Marie Tholl-Pappas from the Center for Integrated Medicine in Tinley Park! I hurt my back this morning somehow picking up an article of clothing and by the time 2:30pm came around I was barely able to walk into her office. Thanks to her knowledge and understanding of what was happening in my body, I was able to walk out easily and feeling 1000 times better! Thank you Dr Marie! I highly recommend Dr Marie and her husband Dr Dino Pappas. They have been such a big help to not only myself but my whole family. Their philosophy is comprehensive care without the use of drugs and surgery! You should definitely check them out! To our health! : )”


“For years, I had digestive issues. I went to see several different doctors, had my gallbladder removed, got loads of tests and med after med after med. Still had digestive issues. Went to CIM to see if acupuncture would help, and Dr. Marie tested me and told me that she thought food intolerances could be the cause. Since being tested in October and removing my food intolerances, gluten being one of them, my digestive issues have disappeared. The near constant pain in my chest has been completely gone since November. I am so very thankful to Dr. Marie and CIM for resolving in a couple of months what the other doctors couldn’t figure out for years. There is absolutely no downside~ and the UPSIDE could be enormously life-changing!”

“Dr. Marie,
I wanted to let you know how my elimination diet has worked out.  As you remember, I was trying to figure out if there was a link between diet and my acne.  After 80 days of no wheat, sugar, or yeast, my face had mostly cleared up, but there were still random breakouts I couldn’t link to anything.  Also, my chest and back showed moderate improvement.  I started taking a time-release probiotic of Acidophilus bacteria, and within days my face was as clear as its ever been, and my chest and back have shown dramatic improvement.  I am basically certain that my acne is caused by yeast.  Acidophilus bacteria kill yeast, and since the probiotic is time release, it doesn’t open up until the small intestine, where the yeast live.  I think the time-release probiotic is the key.  The journey isn’t over, but it is great to finally know that I can control my skin if I want.  Thanks for your help, it has been life-changing.”

“Dr. Pappas,
Thank you for the home program!!! But more importantly thank you for giving me the confidence to run again!!! I know if I continue with the exercises I will continue to improve!!!
Your insight is invaluable!!! Thanks for investing your time in my case!  It feels like I’m your only patient!”

“It has been a week since the marathon, but without the work of Dr. Pappas with my foot, I’m not certain I would have had the confidence going into it. The exercises, and the care given to me, were far and away the best I have ever received. Thank you so much for what you do, and what you will continue to do for others!”

“Dr. Pappas, thanks for being a great doctor.  Thanks to you I was able to overcome my injury and beat my previous PR (personal record) by 16 minutes!  I finished the Chicago Marathon in 3:46:51.” 

“I went to see Dr Dino. It was the first appointment that I could get. Great guy! Truly cares about the patient. He set up my MRI and double checked insurance for approval. Then he called me with the bad news (fractured second metatarsal) but found me a specialist in my plan since it was a break.  My orthopedist released me and Ok’d me to start running again.  I am VERY pleased overall!

“Thanks Doc. Easily one of the best medical experiences that I’ve had. I’d recommend you to anyone, and I have.”

“Dr P I did it! Chicago Marathon 101010! I finished AND I ran the entire way! No walking!! I feel pretty good today. The stairs are a little hard to tackle,but I’m a happy woman!

I want to thank you for taking such good care of me through this journey. At 51, with having back surgery, and missing a little confidence from traveling a path of the unknown.. your support and help made this possible. You not only kept me in as good of shape physically, but the emotional/mental support was what helped the most. Running a marathon is physical, but if you’ve done the training and are physically prepared it then becomes only a mental game. I know this now!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart!”


“Dr. Marie,
I miss our sessions, not only because the treatments felt good; but I also enjoyed our conversations. You are a very lovely person.  My feeling in my leg and foot is beginning to return and I’m sure it would not have done so well without your help. Keep up the good work and thanks again for your help.  I will be sure to recommend you if the situation occurs.”
L. F.

“Dr. Marie Tholl and Dr. Dino Pappas are incredible!! Dr. Tholl gave me some VERY needed relief from my allergies with only 2 visits. I was surprised how well the combination of an adjustment and acupuncture worked! Dr. Pappas performed miracles on my husband. He was in pain for 5 months and felt relief after the first visit. He is at 100% after only 5 visits. Thank you!!!!!!”
J. O.

“I highly recommend both Dr Marie and Dr Dino – they’ve been working with my family – they can help everyone, any age (my daughter is 15 and my son is 5).”

“Dino, on behalf of myself and the Darien Dynamo Organization I want to say a big thank you for the outstanding job that you and Dr. Marie did at this weekend’s soccer tournament. You guys worked non stop all these hours and the assistance that you provided to all these athletes was priceless. You were always there and helped every athlete with any assistance they needed. Our tournament was a huge success and you and your staff helped tremendously to make this happen..Thank you again for your assistance on the 2200 athletes that participated this weekend and I hope we can continue to work together on providing professional diagnosis and treatment to all our athletes in the future.”
Best Regards,

C. K.
Director of Coaching
Darien Dynamo SC

“Dr. Marie, I just want to “Thank You” so much for seeing me yesterday.   I feel so much better today & I’m walking better also. You are awesome at what you do!!”

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