Breakfast Smoothie: Everything you need in 1 glass

Breakfast Smoothie: Everything you need in 1 glass


The Breakfast Smoothie

You may ask, “Why a picture of a smoothie?”  Well, “Why not?” The breakfast smoothie contains almost everything you need to start your day off right such as fruits, vegetables, healthy oils (medium chain triglyceride oil/MCT oil) and high quality protein.  The smoothie maximizes your nutrition in a minimal amount of time so you get almost everything you need during the day in one sitting.  So, “Why not?”

Breakfast has turned into dessert.  Sugary cereals, breakfast pastries (ex. Pop Tarts) and highly allergenic foods (gluten, flour, sugar, eggs, dairy products and milk)  have become the norm. Breakfast has become a way to spike your blood sugar quickly leaving you crashing hours later and making you susceptible to reliance on sugar or caffeine later in the day to patch your energy needs.  Long term this leads to metabolic syndrome, weight gain, hormonal imbalances, chronic fatigue, depression, type 2 diabetes, and chronic poor health. So why not a breakfast smoothie that gives you almost everything you need in 1 sitting that won’t spike your blood sugar and leave you susceptible to the depressive crashes later in the day? Why not have your first meal of the day prepare you for the physical and mental rigors of the day?

30 Day Challenge

The breakfast smoothie is just one of the tips that we are offering during our 30 Day Challenge.  Our office, The Center for Integrated Medicine, LLC ( has recently partnered with Tenacity Performance Training ( and coach Paul Magsombol to launch the 30 Day Challenge.  The 30 Day Challenge is a comprehensive approach to weight loss that blends medicine, nutrition, physical training, emotional and cognitive support.  The goal of the program is simple, to change your life in 30 days or less. The program features: 1). a 60 minute consultation with Dr. Dino Pappas or Dr. Marie Tholl Pappas 2). an individualized diet and nutrition/supplementation program during the 30 days 3). 12 personal training sessions with coach Paul Magsombol 4). support and accountability.

This program is for you if:

1). You need to lose more than 15 lbs

2). Your weight interferes with doing the things you want to do with the people you want to do them with

3). You are a fad or yo-yo dieter that has failed multiple times to lose weight or keep weight off

4). You are leaving for a spring or summer trip and want to look your best

5). You need support and accountability to assist you with weight loss

6). You put on weight during the holiday season and during this gosh awful winter

7). You have food or sugar cravings (

8). You are looking for a lifestyle change rather than a quick fix

9). Want maximal results in a minimal amount of time

For more information or to register for our 30 Day Challenge, contact Dr. Dino Pappas at 708-532-CFIM (2346) or via email at  “Why Put Off Feeling Good?”

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